Donating Your Car or Vehicle to Charity is Easier than You Think!

Donating Your Car or Vehicle to Charity Thinking about getting rid of your clunker, but don’t know where to start? Maybe the air conditioning is out, and you can’t even bear the thought of driving it across town to get rid of it as the sweltering summer heat approaches. Maybe you just simply can’t find the time in your busy schedule to make the proper arrangements. It’s entirely possible to donate your car or vehicle to charity without even leaving the comfort of your own home! You can donate your car vehicle in several ways: online, by phone, by mail, or even by fax. Read the rest of this entry »

Donate Stocks and Mutual Funds to Charity Today!

Donate Stocks and Mutual FundsThere are any number of ways to donate to charity, not the least of which being through the donation of stocks and mutual funds. This is an excellent way to help out those in need while at the same time giving yourself the benefit of tax deductions and a cleaner portfolio. The gift of stocks and mutual funds is ideal if you’re unable to donate any liquid assets to your favorite cause or charity. Below you will find out more about why you should donate stocks and mutual funds, both for the benefit of the charity and for the benefit of yourself, and how to go about it. Read the rest of this entry »

Planned Giving: A Win-Win for Everyone

Planned Giving: A Win-Win for EveryoneYou’re planning your estate, dealing with lawyers, your kids, maybe grandkids, friends, everyone trying to figure out what you’re going to leave them when you go. If you aren’t sure exactly what to do with everything, why not follow in Barron Hilton’s footsteps and leave your estate to charity? In particular, planned giving is a great option to consider. You may be wondering, What exactly is planned giving? Also referred to as “gift planning,” planned giving is the planned donation to charity of some or all of your assets, whether during your lifetime or upon death. This particular type of donation is advantageous not only for the recipient charitable organization, but also for the donor, in terms of both estate and tax advantages and the opportunity to leave a legacy. Read the rest of this entry »

How to Start Volunteering in New Orleans

Volunteering New OrleansIf you’re interested in volunteering in New Orleans, consider looking in to the volunteer programs at Volunteers of America Greater New Orleans.  Their website shows many of the volunteer programs they offer, all of which welcome help from local men and women ready to dedicate their time and efforts.

Volunteers of America Greater New Orleans has programs set up to help families, individuals and groups in the local area. Many of their programs help with seniors and youth, all of whom are local residents in the New Orleans area. Read the rest of this entry »

Benefits of Donating a Car or other Vehicle to Volunteers of America

Benefits of Donating a Car, Vehicle, Volunteers of AmericaYou bought the car as a starter vehicle for your teenaged child, they trashed it accordingly, and now you need to get rid of it. Selling it will bring a pile of hassles that you don’t have time for and your spouse wants it out of the yard yesterday. Are you aware of the benefits of donating a car or other vehicle to Volunteers of America? Do you realize how easy it is to donate a car to charity? Being a charity donor has rewards all its own, but by donating to Volunteers of America, you will receive the maximum tax deduction available, your donation will be secure, and best of all, it’s a fast, simple process! Read the rest of this entry »

Finding Ways to Give Charitable Gifts in New Orleans

Planned giving, gift giving, charitable giftsIn today’s world giving charitable gifts offers as many different choices as there are ways to invest money. You want to be sure that your contribution goes to a worthy cause; you want to be sure that your contribution is being used to actually help people; and you want to be sure that your contribution is given securely. Giving options are much more versatile today than ever before with the internet having made it relatively simple to research an organization’s accomplishments and reputation, and online giving as easy as a few simple clicks. Read the rest of this entry »

Volunteering in New Orleans Can Bring Personal Change

Volunteering in New Orleans, How to Volunteer, Volunteer Programs(How to Volunteer, Volunteer Programs)

“Giving and receiving are the same.” Do you believe in this philosophy? Have you ever experienced the emotional gratification of stumbling onto an opportunity to help someone and found that some higher part of yourself simply would not allow you to walk away? Imagine feeling this deep satisfaction on a regular basis by being part of one of the many volunteer programs available in the New Orleans area. We all feel terrible when we see those commercials about pets, children, or senior citizens who have to struggle to survive and have never known what it means to feel safe. “I wish I could do something,” can turn into “I helped someone today,” just by learning how to volunteer. Volunteering in New Orleans can change your whole perspective and offer you the deep, substantial feeling of being a truly ‘good’ person. Read the rest of this entry »

How to Donate Your Life Insurance Policy to Charity

Donate Life Insurance Policy, Life Insurance DonationNow that you’ve taken a big step and purchased a life insurance plan, what do you do with it? The most obvious answer is to let it take care of your family if and when the time comes, but what if you’ve planned for their well being in other ways? Did you know that it’s possible give life insurance to a charitable organization? Here are some great tips on how to donate life insurance and create a legacy. Read the rest of this entry »