Volunteering in New Orleans Can Bring Personal Change

Volunteering in New Orleans, How to Volunteer, Volunteer Programs(How to Volunteer, Volunteer Programs)

“Giving and receiving are the same.” Do you believe in this philosophy? Have you ever experienced the emotional gratification of stumbling onto an opportunity to help someone and found that some higher part of yourself simply would not allow you to walk away? Imagine feeling this deep satisfaction on a regular basis by being part of one of the many volunteer programs available in the New Orleans area. We all feel terrible when we see those commercials about pets, children, or senior citizens who have to struggle to survive and have never known what it means to feel safe. “I wish I could do something,” can turn into “I helped someone today,” just by learning how to volunteer. Volunteering in New Orleans can change your whole perspective and offer you the deep, substantial feeling of being a truly ‘good’ person.

Initiate a change in yourself through Volunteer Programs:

If you are looking to make some changes in your life, volunteering is the way to go. For example, did you know that the act of helping another person can help combat depression, anxiety and loneliness? Everyone has heard the expression that, ‘True change must come from within,’ but few people have any idea how to go about making such a change. If you’re only willing to do what you’ve only ever done, then how will anything ever change?

How does this work? The first thing to understand about giving is that it takes you momentarily out of your own psyche and into the emotional place of someone whose troubles are far greater than your own. This is called empathy and it is a powerful force! Let’s say that you spend a great deal of time fretting about being single because you are lonely. If you choose to do so you could spend that time feeding a stroke victim whose brain is sharp as nails but has lost all motor skills. Try to imagine for one moment what it feels like to be that person trapped in such a prison. When you come back to your own place you will find that your loneliness, which was once unbearable, has lost most of its bite because you have felt what true suffering really is.

Let’s say you are a stay-at-home-mom whose children have all recently gone off to college. You are now suddenly faced with an abundance of spare time and are struggling to add some meaning or purpose into your life now that your children are grown. What could be more meaningful than nurturing a child who has never known his or her parents? It’s what you are good at and what you love doing, so why not use those gifts to help someone who is genuinely in need of them? You will never find a deeper sense of satisfaction than sharing your love with someone who needs it.

How to Volunteer in New Orleans:

The first step is easier than you think! In the age of information finding out about anything is easy as clicking a mouse. With a few well-chosen keywords such as the ones in bold print above you can be off and running in no time. At Volunteers of America, you can put your skills to use and improve your own life at the same time. Getting started only requires a quick visit to www.voagno.org and you can learn about the many different programs helping children, families, seniors and persons with disabilities. Or, if you’re not web-savvy, you can call (504) 482-2130 and speak to someone about starting your new life today! Greater New Orleans Volunteers of America has a long history of helping Louisiana residents in 16 parishes. After Hurricane Katrina, Volunteers of America placed over 20,000 volunteers around the area to bring relief and assistance to those who needed help. Be a part of this proud tradition and enrich your own life in the process!


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