Benefits of Donating a Car or other Vehicle to Volunteers of America

Benefits of Donating a Car, Vehicle, Volunteers of AmericaYou bought the car as a starter vehicle for your teenaged child, they trashed it accordingly, and now you need to get rid of it. Selling it will bring a pile of hassles that you don’t have time for and your spouse wants it out of the yard yesterday. Are you aware of the benefits of donating a car or other vehicle to Volunteers of America? Do you realize how easy it is to donate a car to charity? Being a charity donor has rewards all its own, but by donating to Volunteers of America, you will receive the maximum tax deduction available, your donation will be secure, and best of all, it’s a fast, simple process!

What Happens when you Donate a Car to Charity?

            First, you should know that you can also donate unwanted boats, motorcycles, RVs, or other types of vehicles to charity; cars are the most common, but not the only type of vehicle accepted. Typically, once you have made your decision, you should only need to contact the organization, such as Volunteers of America, and provide them with the keys and title of ownership and they will do the rest. If you donate to VOA, pick-up will always be free, and you can make your donation online or by phone, fax, or mail. They have already done the legwork to ensure that your donation is secure and will usually mail your receipt within 24 hours. VOA is also an Officially Recognized IRS 501 (c) (3) Charity, so you also have the comfort of knowing that their practices are legitimate and you will be spared any unwelcome surprises at tax time.

If you have chosen Volunteers of America, they will typically inform you that they plan to sell your vehicle and use the profits for direct funding to their community programs; they will also gladly assure you that an average of .88 cents of every dollar goes directly toward the funding of their programs. This is important because there is no legal minimum amount that they are required to donate, and lesser groups will shy away from offering this information because legally they are not obligated to report it. Beware of a charity that does not want you to know this information, as the percentage that goes to recipients of their support can be as low as 1% and is not required to be announced publicly. If you don’t find this information readily, ask!

Another important consideration when choosing a charity is the diversity of groups that they help. For example, Volunteers of America, easily researched at, will show you that the proceeds of your donation will be used to fund programs that help children in need of adoption, mentoring/enrichment programs for at-risk youth and persons with disabilities, homeless veterans and recovering addicts, as well as senior citizens who have been abused/neglected. Their programs also give hot meals to families living in poverty, build shelters and low-rent housing, and provide needed assistance to elderly people struggling to remain in their homes. VOAGNO will also allow you to tailor your donation to fund a specific program or population if there is a certain group you wish to help.

Donating a Vehicle to Volunteers of America is Quick and Easy

            Choosing Volunteers of America will allow you to make an informed choice while protecting yourself from any potential pratfalls down the road. VOAGNO has been providing support to Louisiana residents for over 100 years and offers the kind of secure reputation that will make you proud to be a donor. Donating a vehicle to this worthy charity can be accomplished in 2 easy steps by visiting, or by calling (504) 482-2130, toll free at 877-721-4862.


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