How to Start Volunteering in New Orleans

Volunteering New OrleansIf you’re interested in volunteering in New Orleans, consider looking in to the volunteer programs at Volunteers of America Greater New Orleans.  Their website shows many of the volunteer programs they offer, all of which welcome help from local men and women ready to dedicate their time and efforts.

Volunteers of America Greater New Orleans has programs set up to help families, individuals and groups in the local area. Many of their programs help with seniors and youth, all of whom are local residents in the New Orleans area.

The organization helps more than 63,000 people each and every year. Their efforts are used throughout 16 parishes in southeast Louisiana.

Here are some examples of volunteer programs run through Volunteers of America Greater New Orleans:

  • landscaping homes of persons with disabilities
  • helping students in at-risk schools with recreation and academics
  • sharing a hobby or skill, or just being a friend, to formerly homeless veterans or persons in recovery
  • mentoring a child with a parent in prison
  • helping with administrative tasks in our offices

As you can see, the organization spreads their goodwill over a variety of programs. Their aim is to help those truly in need in the surrounding New Orleans community.

The benefits of volunteering are long lasting. For one, you’ll know that you are helping a person, family or community in need with your effort and time. This is invaluable.

Secondly, you’ll be adding so much to a life that does not have so much. You’re assisting those that may not have anywhere else to turn.

Many people begin volunteering to help others in need, but continue to donate their time and dedicate their efforts to volunteering because it adds so much to their own lives.

Volunteering is a way to make a real difference in the lives of those who are hurting, struggling or desperately in need.  It is truly one of the most helpful ways to help local communities grow and prosper.

Though Volunteers of America, and its local affiliates, serve thousands of people every year, the services are delivered one person at a time, making a real difference in that life.

How To Volunteer With Volunteers of America Greater New Orleans

It’s easy to be come a volunteer with Volunteers of America Greater New Orleans.

First, think about the ways in which you would like to help, assist or volunteer. Consider dates and times you’re free to give your time to the organization.

Also, consider the skills you would like to offer to the charity.

Then, you can reach Volunteers of America Greater New Orleans by either e-mail at or you can call at (504) 483-3557.

A staff volunteer will be sure to get back to you to let you know how you can help out with a program or in helping the organization at large.

Remember that the organization relies on volunteers like you to keep their programs in place and to keep helping local citizens of the New Orleans area.

Also, the organization serves as a community-wide coordinator for volunteers helping with recovery from Hurricane Katrina or Rita.  Since the storm, the charity has placed more than 20,000 volunteers in helping projects and tasks.

No matter your skills or interests, Volunteers of America Greater New Orleans would like to have you help in their mission. You’d be helping those in need and strengthening your local community at the same time. Nothing is better.

So check out the volunteers page on the Volunteers of America Greater New Orleans website today and see how you can help out with this great organization in their service mission and programs.


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