Donate Stocks and Mutual Funds to Charity Today!

Donate Stocks and Mutual FundsThere are any number of ways to donate to charity, not the least of which being through the donation of stocks and mutual funds. This is an excellent way to help out those in need while at the same time giving yourself the benefit of tax deductions and a cleaner portfolio. The gift of stocks and mutual funds is ideal if you’re unable to donate any liquid assets to your favorite cause or charity. Below you will find out more about why you should donate stocks and mutual funds, both for the benefit of the charity and for the benefit of yourself, and how to go about it.

Why Donate Stocks and Mutual Funds?

Aside from the obvious magnanimous reasons for giving to charity, the charitable gift of your stocks and mutual funds can provide you, the donor, with certain personal benefits as well. For example, have you been putting off that pesky chore of cleaning up your stock portfolio? You may have a couple of stocks that are bringing back low returns, that aren’t really worth your while to hang on to. Why not give a gift to a local charity, while at the same time unburdening yourself from those stocks? Just because they are low-paying does not mean that they will not be gratefully accepted—in fact quite the contrary, as every donation counts, no matter how grand or seemingly miniscule.

What about that stock that seems to have peaked, that you’d love to keep around but just does not seem to be turning into a gold mine any time in the near future? This stock would be gladly accepted by any charity. Keep in mind that you would not be taking a loss on your stock; you’d receive a tax deduction based on the value of your stock. So, in essence, you would be contributing to the greater good while at the same time saving yourself money in the long run. You would also be cleaning out your stock portfolio, leaving you room to pursue other investments.

Another advantage of stock and mutual fund donations is the exemption from capital gains tax, both for the donor and for the charitable organization. However, it’s important to keep in mind that you should not liquidate your stocks and/or mutual funds and subsequently give the proceeds, as this can affect any tax benefits that you might receive from the donation.

One more important piece of information that you should keep in mind if you’re thinking of donating your stocks and/or mutual funds is that the investment has to have been in your possession for at least a year and a day in order for you to receive the full tax benefits of the donation.

Donating Stocks and Mutual Funds in the New Orleans Area

Look no further than the Volunteers of America of Greater New Orleans if you are interested in making a stock donation or mutual fund gift in the New Orleans region. Your donations will go on to benefit over 63,000 people in need per year, many of whom are in your very own community. VOAGNO is a respected organization with deep roots in the New Orleans area that will make the donation of your stocks and/or mutual funds as easy as a simple phone call. All you have to do is provide VOAGNO with your broker’s name and number, in addition to the name of your stocks and the amount or number of shares you wish to donate. VOAGNO will then contact your broker and set up the transfer from there. It’s as easy as that! For more information, please visit or call (504) 482-2130.


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