Donating Your Car or Vehicle to Charity is Easier than You Think!

Donating Your Car or Vehicle to Charity Thinking about getting rid of your clunker, but don’t know where to start? Maybe the air conditioning is out, and you can’t even bear the thought of driving it across town to get rid of it as the sweltering summer heat approaches. Maybe you just simply can’t find the time in your busy schedule to make the proper arrangements. It’s entirely possible to donate your car or vehicle to charity without even leaving the comfort of your own home! You can donate your car vehicle in several ways: online, by phone, by mail, or even by fax.

The Lazy Way to Donate

Okay, maybe you aren’t exactly lazy, but are instead extremely busy and constantly pressed for time. Or maybe you are just lazy and don’t feel like getting off of the couch and venturing out into the humid inferno of the New Orleans summer. No worries. You can send all of your information (the car’s title, your address and contact information, etc.) online or via phone, mail, or fax. Then, you can even arrange to have your piece picked up from your house (well, you do in fact have to get off the couch to make the arduous journey to answer the door for the pickup guys). Just imagine that rusty yellow eyesore that’s sitting in your driveway vanishing into thin air. That’s how the donation process can work!

So you’ve gotten rid of that broken down utility truck that you found on Auto Trader (“But it was such a good deal!”). That may be reason enough to celebrate the donation, but there are other reasons to throw a party in your newfound free space: there are considerable tax deductions associated with donating your vehicle, not to mention the warm, fuzzy feeling you get from helping out those in need.

These methods of donating your car make it incredibly easy to do so, meaning that there’s really not any reason not to pull the trigger and finally get that rusty Firebird out of your back yard. Plus, summer’s here, and it’s no fun to mow around a car sitting on cinder blocks in the grass.

When donating your car from the couch in the middle of a Family Guy marathon while waiting for your microwave burrito to heat up, it’s important to keep in mind that there are numerous scams out there. Organizations claiming to be charities will offer to take your vehicle off of your hands, assuring you that proceeds will go to charity. In reality, these organizations are little more than sleazy used car salesmen who pocket the majority of the money. They then donate a miniscule portion to charity in order to be able to legally make their misleading claims.

Donating a Car in the New Orleans Area

The best way to donate your car or vehicle is through the Volunteers of America of Greater New Orleans. This is a respected charity with firmly planted roots in Greater New Orleans, with 88 cents on each donated dollar going back to the needy right in your very own community. They are committed to providing donors with the maximum tax deduction and will mail a receipt for your donation within 24 hours. The only requirements for donation are the keys and the title to your vehicle. VAOGNO will also pick up your vehicle at no charge to you. For more information, you can visit or call (504) 525-2179.


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