Volunteering in New Orleans Can Bring Personal Change

Volunteering in New Orleans, How to Volunteer, Volunteer Programs(How to Volunteer, Volunteer Programs)

“Giving and receiving are the same.” Do you believe in this philosophy? Have you ever experienced the emotional gratification of stumbling onto an opportunity to help someone and found that some higher part of yourself simply would not allow you to walk away? Imagine feeling this deep satisfaction on a regular basis by being part of one of the many volunteer programs available in the New Orleans area. We all feel terrible when we see those commercials about pets, children, or senior citizens who have to struggle to survive and have never known what it means to feel safe. “I wish I could do something,” can turn into “I helped someone today,” just by learning how to volunteer. Volunteering in New Orleans can change your whole perspective and offer you the deep, substantial feeling of being a truly ‘good’ person. Read the rest of this entry »